Purchase the NRD535 Remote Control Application

See Screen Shots below
     This application is Fantastic! It is for the serious NRD535 DXer.
     It controls NRD535 via your computer.  There are two datafiles included.
     The first datafile is for DX and the second datafile is used for transmitter
     In the main database as you scroll down the screen, you are able to send the
     frequency of each record to your receiver automatcially just by clicking the
     mouse button. 

     Below is an image of the NRD535 REMOTE Application.  As you may have noticed, 
     it is packed with unique features.  If you would like a copy click on the
     BUY button below. The NRD535 Remote is a comprehensive application that will 
     increase your DXing success.

     Just imagine how quickly you'll be able to scan frequecies to find a desired 
     broadcast?  No more fumbling thru  reference material for schedules. The
     datafiles can be edited.  So as new schedules of your favorite stations 
     are published, you can enter the data into the datafiles. No need to subscribe 
     to an update service to change the files.  You are in Control!

     Click on the Buy button below: 


     The image below is the bottom of the datafile's screen.  


     This is a shot of the application's database.  Notice the various freatures.  
     Besides the actual database, there's the "Time Line Bar". This bar represents
     the station's schedule for the frequency highlighted.  If the schedule is current, 
     that is the station is on the air now, then the time line bar is light blue.  
     However, the the station is not currently on the air, the time line bar is gray.
     Also notice (image above) that below the data base section, there are a number of sliding        controls to adjust the NRD535's other functions.  These will adjust the BWC Wide,  
     BWC Inter, PBS Plus, PBS Minus, BFO Plus, and BFO Minus.  
     This image (above) shows the Input screen.  With this application, the User can 
     update the datafile by adding new records, deleting old records and changing current
     records.  Generally, this is not possible with other programs on the market.  
     Also included is a Audio Scope.  This scope displays the audio signal that can be 
     obtained from patching the record outlet of the NRD535 to your computer's sound card's
     line-in jack.  Using the image that the scope displays, the user can see the notch filter
     blocking hets.  
Scope SHOT
     If you would rather not use the "Buy Button", you can send a Check or Money Order
     for $45.00 to the address below:
                   Charles Bolland
                   355 S. Romero Street
                   Clewiston Florida 33440, USA


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