NRD345 Remote Control Application


     The NRD345 Remote Control Application is available to control your NRD345
     Receiver.  As far as we know, this application is the only program available
     for the NRD345. The images below show the browse/control screen and input
     form screen.

     The NRD345 Remote Control Application is comprehensive and will increase your
     DX and shortwave listening pleasure.  This application includes two database
       1. DX International and National Radio Stations Database

       2. Transmitter/Location Database

     Each button on the View Screen sends a command to the receiver just by clicking
     data commands can be sent just by typing in the code/command in a special field 
     and hitting the F7 function key.   

     So, what are some of the features?  Send frequencies and Modes of each record
     in the database to setup in the receiver.

     Change tuning steps for tuning up and down.

     Tune up and down in 1 kHz, 5 kHz, 10 kHz, and1 mHz chunks.
     Change Filter Widths.

     Change AGC.

     Write to a channe the current frequency 
     Erase all channels with one click of the mouse. 

     Set pause time for each channel to scan.

     With this program, you are in control!

     Because the application is being updated regularly the above description is
     subject to change without notice.

     To purchase the NRD345 Remote Control Computer Application, Click on
     the Buy Button below:

                   The NRD345 Remote Application Browse/View Screen 

                   The NRD345 Remote Control Program's Input Form   


     This is an image of one of the screens from the program.  Please note the
     numerous functions available. 
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