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The below download is in compressed format.

     Download the file and save it in a temporary folder. Next create a
     folder/directory called QSLIMAGE on your C drive.  Copy the saved
     file (QSLCARD.ZIP) into the QSLIMAGE folder and UNZIP the file 
     QSLCARD.ZIP.  When unzipped, open CARDVIE5.EXE to run the application.

     This application was recently upgrade with a Helpfile that gives step by
     step instructions for scanning and storing the images into the database as
     well as general information....

     If you need PKUNZIP.EXE, send me an email at ka4prf@peoplepc.com  and I'll pass
     it along to you.
     Click here
     to Download the application.
     This program is user friendly. Each screen has a menu. 

     The program, called CARDVIE5.EXE, is a database which allows the user to
     store and catalog QSL cards.  To begin however, the user needs a method
     for creating images of his QSL collection.  Scanners, they aren't that
     expensive anymore, I purchased mine new  for under $100.  So once that
     is accomplished the storing of images is an easy process.  The difference
     between this program and some other image storage program, is that this
     program is designed to be used by the SWL and DXer.

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